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D.R.MalyaAone architects is working in the field of Planning, Designing and Supervision of Buildings since 1997. We have team of about 10 people working under guidance of our Director Sh.D.R. Malya. We had completed about 1500 projects successfully.

Aone Architects Pvt. Ltd. is a Jaipur Based firm of Indian architects and interior designers, that offers comprehensive Architectural and Interior Design services to address our clients' residential, commercial, industrial building & interior space design needs. We have been entrusted by several clients, for a wide range of architectural & interior design projects in Jaipur ranging from rich office architects to modern residences and commercial complexes.

We are proud to combine creative design thinking with proven work processes and traditional values such as honesty, integrity and trust. This simple yet effective approach has been practiced throughout our history producing great results for our clients and the wider community.

The size and structure of our practice means that we can manage any project yet continue to provide a personal and responsive service. Our practice partners will work with you on each project and stay with the project for its duration.

At Aone, we see it a bit differently. It's our client's heart and soul that belongs in the architectural or interior designs we prepare for them. We believe in teaming up with our clients and support their dreams with our vision and skill-set. This facilitates us to outline innovative and responsive architectural and interior concepts within the framework of time and money - Absolutely exclusive for each client who plays a critical role in shaping the design of their projects. They aren’t surprised by our designs; rather they see it evolve throughout the designing process.


our visionInspired Ideas create inspired construction thus the quality can never be Compromised and trust is the best of all relationship. Space is multi-dimensional living space in co operating all the basic and necessary needs of change and Sharpe our lives. Structuring and understanding a vision that goes beyond the conventional limits of the concrete industry, to a new and dynamic dimension, while all construction norms are scrupulously adhered to, the basic approach is apparently different, It is an experience that challenges living, with the vision amenities is not considered as luxury, but forms a nessicity part of a new way living.

To establish an architectural practice as a true profession by building an institution wherein only large scale projects are undertaken and also creating an international platform where engineering framework and guidelines are inspired from Aone. To deepen industry knowledge in specific project typologies including Hospitality, Transportation, Education, Commercial, Residential and Industrial architecture and provide expert advice and consultation to unique projects under these segments.


our vision


our missionAone Architects assures excellence through well conceptualized and managed project processes of international standards. The team at Aone brings every client's vision into reality Aone guarantees Innovation in all its designs. With the help of state of the art technology, Aone drives towards providing unique customised designs and solutions to the clients within the prescribed budget and time frame.

Aone designs are sensitive to culture, community and the environment. The leed certified architects at Aone offer eco-friendly designs and practices that help actualize the concept of sustainability.